“A Social Enterprise is an enterprise whose objective is to achieve a social, societal or environmental impact, rather than maximising profit for its owners or shareholders.

It pursues its objectives by trading on an ongoing basis through the provision of goods and/or services, and by reinvesting surpluses into achieving social objectives.

It is governed in a fully accountable and transparent manner and is independent of the public sector. If dissolved, it should transfer its assets to another organisation with a similar mission.”

National Social Enterprise Policy for Ireland 2019-2022, Department of Rural and Community Development, July 2019, p.8.

The Galway Artisan Workshop is a social enterprise that:

  • Houses the Social Enterprise Hub with desks, computers and WiFi available for start -up and expanding social enterprises. They also receive ongoing mentoring support.
  • Has a focus on upcycling and reducing waste going to landfill.
  • Shares space and skills with other groups that also have a social enterprise ethos.
  • Produces items for sale to the public.
bohermore artisan groupHistory

In the past the Bohermore Artisans Group made items for charities and groups. The Galway Artisan Workshop is building on their fine work done in the past.


The Galway Artisan Workshop is supported in part by the Maureen O’Connell fund of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

We are a service of the Galway City Partnership so we follow its Code of Governance.